How to Be Mistaken for a Londoner

Navigating London was something I genuinely loved doing. Getting lost was a thrill to me, and I always had a map handy just in case. However, in order to fit into this elaborate and diverse culture, I realized there was more I had to do. After some time, I got mistaken for a Londoner by tourists who came to the city from all over the world. The moment I opened my mouth and they found out I was American, they would kind of stare at me for a while as I navigated them to their destination without looking at a map. So, if you’d like to exude the confidence of being mistaken for a local, here are 6 things you need to know! (more…)

How To: Get the Most out of Your Foundation

Pick an Allure beauty fave from CVS or make the trek to the local Sephora or ULTA? Ordering online? Liquid, mousse, powder, airbrush?! How did things get so complicated? Thanks to our competitive consumer-driven market, there are perhaps too many choices, and we are here to help you—on a college budget.

To get the most out of your foundation, you need to start with a bright, er, foundation. How so? (more…)

Simple, Healthy Ways to Curl Your Hair

Whether you have straight hair and long for luscious waves and curls or have curly hair and are just striving for a way to tame it without resorting to straightening it, most curling methods like irons and hot rollers are not only tedious and difficult but also can cause a lot of damage to your hair when used too often. However, there are other techniques that are not only simple (and affordable!) but won’t do nearly as much damage to your hair, if any at all. (more…)

Affordable Beauty Tips: Budget Friendly Makeup Brushes

Whether you wear neutral makeup every day or are a bit more daring, the tools that you use to apply your makeup can be just as important as any artist’s tools are to how it turns out. However, on a college budget it can seem ridiculous to go to high end makeup stores like MAC, Inglot or Sephora and spend upwards of $30 for just one brush. Yet, at the same time, there is the fear that the cheaper brushes will have horrible quality and still not be worth the money spent. There are, however, some brushes out there that are just as high quality as some of the top name brands that won’t drain your wallet dry. (more…)