Every year travelers from all over the world come to Australia to fulfill dreams and exceed expectations during a gap year, career break, working holiday, or to study abroad. No matter the reason, Australia offers an experience unlike anywhere else.


Working down under is the best way to add to your resume and expand your horizons (not to mention it’s a fantastic way to fund your travels or earn some extra spending money). Australia’s living conditions and wages are higher than many other nations, making it easy to live comfortably and enjoy the beautiful, dynamic country. Travelers don’t have to struggle to find something to do because in Australia, there are endless activities and adventures to take part in! And of course, there is still time for a warm, friendly, relaxed lifestyle.

If you are interested in working in Australia, check out our work abroad program in Australia! If you are looking to change up your regular 9-5 job and add to your resume then work abroad is the fit for you. There is a wide array of job offerings including but not limited to the following:

  1. Tourism and hospitality industry: working in a seaside bar, hotel or restaurant.
  2. Cities and regional centers: demand for technical, professional and trade skills.
  3. Unique Outback: living and working as a jackaroo or jillaroo on a cattle or sheep station.
  4. The Harvest Trail: seasonal labour – such as fruit picking and pearl farming.

Australia’s Working Holiday Maker Program:

Australia’s Working Holiday Maker (WHM) program allows young people to have an extended holiday in Australia by supplementing their travel funds through incidental employment. For more info and how to apply click here.

Want to go to Australia but not interested in working? Well then we have something for you!  Check out our awesome tours!  The surf is up when you are down under.  Don’t let this opportunity escape and book your tour today!

Why stress out during your time abroad? Australia is waiting!

We recently have added to our work abroad programs to Ireland and New Zealand. Where your work will take you, only you know!

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