After a tough semester and a grueling few weeks of final exams, term papers and GPA stress, we students have finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel: summer vacation. Of course it’s important to get your R&R as you’re trading your textbooks and study sessions for flip flops and beach days, but summer is a great time to get ahead with big plans for your future! Here are four reasons to start planning your most exciting and important summer now.

  1. Score a sweet summer job – No matter where you’re from or what school you attend, most college kids have one thing in common: we’re all pretty broke. With rising tuition costs, living expenses and just trying to have a little fun, landing a summer job is crucial in the financial survival of a college student. Start your search early at local restaurants, retail stores and summer camps to secure a fun and rewarding way to bulk up your bank account.
  2. Intern, intern, intern! – No matter what your major is, the key to a successful career is an impressive resume and work experience. Freedom from limiting class schedules and heavy workloads makes summer the perfect time to get ahead in your career track as an intern. Polish up that resume, break out your best business attire and put on your best interview face to start your summer internship experience off right!
  3. Take a class or two – What’s the best way to keep your mind sharp during the lazy days of summer? Enroll in summer courses! Believe it or not, summer can be the best time to fulfill many requirements for you major. Whether it be crossing off a few general ed’s or tackling your toughest course, the summer offers a more relaxed schedule to accommodate homework, studying and still squeeze in some fun. Don’t wait another minute to check out local universities and community colleges to find affordable and applicable courses close to home.
  4. Travel! – Summer is the perfect time to unleash your inner explorer! With a few months of freedom at your fingertips, round up a few friends and map out the summer vacation of a lifetime. Planning ahead helps to make dreams a reality. When you know what kind of budget you’re working with, summer trips are a lot more feasible. Whether you’re looking to splurge and go exotic or stick or a lower budget yet equally fabulous local trip, student deal sites such as StudentUniverse are great for finding cheap airline tickets for students and other great student travel deals. Proper planning can help to turn those summer vacation plans into incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

Whatever you’re looking to accomplish this summer, the key to reaching your goals is smart planning. What will you do with your summer?


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