Most of us set resolutions for ourselves as we go into every year. I’m sure you’ve seen the overwhelming amount of “new year, new me” memes. While most resolutions are simple life changes like becoming more active with a gym membership or finally cleaning out your overflowing closet (I’ll get to it eventually), there’s a resolution that’s becoming increasingly popular: to travel more. Here are some reasons why traveling more should be on your resolution list.

Priceless Memories
“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” I’ve realized this personally throughout my travels. The memories you make while experiencing new places and cultures are priceless.  The faces, smells, and colors of each place I’ve visited left an eternal mark on me. I smile every time I think of the colors and stunning mountains I experienced when I visited Udaipur, India or when I look back on strolls along the beautiful canals of Amsterdam with my best friend. The most fun I’ve ever had in my life has been while traveling overseas, and planning my next adventure gets me excited.

Personal Growth
Traveling help me grow so much as a person, to open up my horizons to different walks of life. My travels have made me more worldly, cultured, tolerant and well-rounded person. I wouldn’t trade any amount of money for the leap and bounds of personal growth I’ve had thanks to my travels. The self-confidence boosts I’ve gotten from knowing I went on a trip, to a place I’ve never been, where I might not even speak the language (in most cases for myself), and conquered that trip is priceless.

Investment in your Future
I’ve also seen tangible benefits come from my travels. It’s a sort of investment into your future. Several years back, I took an internship abroad in Barcelona (it was a blast!). Having that international experience, whether it be study abroad, work abroad, or general travel, steps up your resume to the next level.  I can say without a doubt that my internship abroad and general travels helped me to land the job I have now. It’s also been proven that travel and study abroad programs positively affect the chances of you getting into that graduate program of your dreams.  

This list of the benefits of making traveling more one of your new year’s resolutions could go on for pages and pages. StudentUniverse aims to be advocates for students to travel more by making it more affordable. If you’re a college student or under the age of 26, you can save on flights, hotels and tours thanks to StudentUniverse’s awesome negotiation skills with the major airlines and travel providers. So what’re you waiting for? The world is a big beautiful place. Get out there and experience more.

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Adrianna Rochester · September 25, 2017 at 2:57 pm

I think the desire to travel more is always on a person’s New Year’s Resolution, especially for college students. People sometimes get caught up in the luxuries of travel and end up spending a lot of money trying to get what they believe is the “ideal traveling experience”, when there’re inexpensive ways to see the country the person is visiting and still get a good traveling experience. There is a show called, Raw Travel whch focuses on socially conscious travel. Students who are interested in exploring the world more can possibly get some ideas on where to go from this show.

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