Riding Trains on Bike Trips to Ladakh, India

Hoping to take a bike trip through India? There are many reasons why you may wish to take a train while on bike trips to Ladakh, a remote and picturesque region in the north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir near Tibet and the Himalayas. Perhaps you want to arrive in the region quickly and this is the fastest route, perhaps the weather is bad and you don’t want to be soaked to the bone during your travels, or perhaps you have a schedule to meet and you’re running behind. For whatever reason, it is important to know how you should travel on a train with your bike (either push or motor). (more…)

Studying overseas in Australia

More and more students are looking for an opportunity to study overseas and Australia is quickly becoming a leading destination for international students. Recent studies put Australia third in line as a preferred English language destination, behind only the U.S.A. and the U.K. It is the number one choice for international students coming from India, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian countries, offering a complete package of educational programs at all levels. (more…)

Celebrate. Then Hire an Angel.

It’s that time of year again. Flowers are blooming, there are more graduation parties than anyone can possibly attend, and there is a palpable air of celebration out there.

It is a poignant moment for many young people, representing the well-deserved completion of a cycle. High school is trying at best, and anyone who makes it all the way through has earned an irrevocable honor. (more…)

Cool Things To Do in Dubai


When thinking about Study Abroad, alternative Spring Break destinations, or leisurely travel with friends and family, your first instinct is probably France, Italy, London, or Spain – but if you are looking for something truly unique and loaded with fun activities, then check out what Dubai, an emirate in the United Arab Emirates federation, has to offer.


10 Must-See Destinations for 2014!

1. Rio de Janeiro
riobrazilRio has certainly been a popular destination recently.  This past year, Rio de Janeiro hosted the 2013 World Youth Day and this upcoming summer they will be hosting many FIFA World Cup games, including the final!  In 2016, this destination will also be the first South American city  to host the Summer Olympics.  But the excitement doesn’t end there, with beautiful landscape, laidback beach culture, and of course, Carnival, Rio de Janeiro has landed itself as our number one destination for 2014!  Experience a guided adventure through Rio de Janeiro with our tours! (more…)

Top Music Schools in the US

People who are gifted with a beautiful voice should consider singing professionally. Most music colleges throughout the nation offer undergraduate and graduate courses in musical arts. Most singers who wish to be taken seriously usually pursue a formal education in music with the top music schools in the country. (more…)

Finding the Best Accredited Online Colleges

Online education has been extends in the field of instructional technology, higher education leadership and developing a more effective learning and training experience in almost every circumstance. Online is an excellent option for the students who want to pursue a carrier or continuing education with a minimum education expenses. Here is an infographic trying to gives some ideas about the importance of accreditation and how to find out a proper online school is accredited by reputable organizations. (more…)