Chicago skyline

Why Chicago, Illinois is a Top US Destination

If you want to eliminate boredom from your vocabulary this summer and enjoy lakeside beaches; constantly exceptional music, food/drink, and arts festivals; an engaging city life with massive skyscrapers and interesting architecture; and basically any interesting or fun activity you could imagine, then Chicago, Illinois is your destination. Each week, there is so much to do in Chicago that you’ll be trying to cram as many activities as you can into your schedule. Here are some of the top attractions to visit and events to attend in Chicago this summer. (more…)

5 Ideas to Guarantee an Epic Summer

The summer is approaching fast… meaning three months of freedom, adventure, and experience outside of the classroom await. The pristine beaches, dramatic mountains, foreign lands, and crazy adventures are consistently calling your name while you sit in the classroom patiently waiting to turn those destined daydreams into a reality. Need some inspiration? Here’s 5 adventurous ideas to spark the creative travel light bulb and help you create the most epic and memorable summer yet. (more…)

Unique Experiences Around the World: The High Tides of Venice


Most people know Venice, Italy for its canals, grandeur, beauty, and mysteriousness. And often times, people now also connect the city to the fact that it’s going to sink someday! Even if they’ve never been to Venice, they’ve heard through word of mouth or Discovery Channel that this magical city will probably cease to exist someday (like Atlantis!)…and become wiped away and engulfed by the same water environment that made it so special and powerful in the first place.


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11 Reasons to Travel Solo

Often, traveling alone doesn’t get a lot of love. After all, you aren’t with your friends and you’ll be lonely and crying yourself to sleep the whole time… right? Think again! Traveling alone can be one of the most fun, rewarding, and life-changing experiences you’ll ever go through! Here’s 11 reasons why you should:

1. Adventure


True Beauty off the Beaten Path of Venice, Italy


There are a few places in the world you must visit at least once, in your life and Venice, Italy is one of these places. A magical city, completely surrounded by water, filled with the history of one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen, sparkling canals, and confusing but authentic tiny calle’s (Venetian roads)…. It’s a must see. Taking the train ride into Venice from other parts of Europe will be unforgettable as you become surrounded by the many different lagoon islands and glistening magical Venetian water.