4 Rules of Discount Voucher Sites

Keeping your bank account flush with cash requires a lot of hard work. Voucher sites—such as Groupon, LivingSocial, Eversave and College Budget—can make it easy to get great deals on the stuff you already buy (or the stuff you want to do, but couldn’t afford to do at full price). They conveniently show up in your inbox each morning, and it’s all too tempting to focus on the bargain, click “buy” and get your printable coupon. (more…)

Positives and Negatives of Caffeine

However you like to get your caffeine—coffee, tea, energy drinks, cola—chances are, you’re thinking mostly about the temporary lift for a long night studying for the big test, and not about the long-term effects. The good news is, not all effects are negative. Here are three benefits and three risks for students, according to the recent literature. (more…)

Textbooks: Renting, Buying or E-books?

You’ve managed to snag all the classes you want this semester, but you weren’t thinking about the textbook tally when you did that. Now, armed only with ISBNs and the Internet, it’s time to find them all and get the best student deal on textbooks. How should you proceed: rent books, buy books or download e-books? The answer lies mostly in what’s best for your bank account and partly in what’s best for studying. (more…)