Spotlight on Our Dusseldorf Photo Contest Entries

We aspire to inspire all our followers to travel the world and take heed of all cultures and experiences. So when you all share your travel stories with us, we are ecstatic! This is just a little love post for all of you wanderlusters out there.

We had so many great entries for our Airberlin and Dusseldorf trip contest. Unfortunately we could only choose one winner. You all had fantastic travel photos so we wanted to share your travel pics with everyone. Here are some of our favorite photo entries from our last contest! (more…)

Why You Should Talk Your Parents Into Letting You Travel To Greece

We all know that Greece is going through some tough financial times. But just in case you’ve been living in a cave, here’s a quick recap:

Greece borrowed too much money and can’t pay it back. There’ve been protests and a lot of banks have shut down, frustrating the local residents.

But there’s a bright side to every situation! Greece may be in economic turmoil but that shouldn’t scare you from this picture perfect destination. Actually, tell your parents this is a great time to visit because you can now afford it! And, the better their tourism market does, the faster Greece can recover. So this is a HUGE win-win! Beat that Mom and Dad! 😉 (more…)


Working In Ireland Just Got Moher Exciting!

Does the idea of living and working in Ireland set you into an immediate daydream? We know the feeling. But it doesn’t have to be a dream. You can intensify your resume and your work experience with an unforgettable opportunity working abroad in Ireland this year. Not only will you gain work experience, but you get to travel abroad and check another destination off of your bucket list while earning an income and real life perspective by living in a new country. (more…)

Study Abroad Checklist

Are you the type of person that A. over packs B. has no clue what to pack or C. waits till the last minute to pack? If you relate with any of the options above then this Study Abroad Checklist was made for you.

Venturing off to a new country is an exciting time and the weeks leading up to your departure can be filled with family functions and last minute goodbyes, which leaves no time to think through what to bring. So, we made this list to help you breeze through the stressful packing phase. (more…)