Studying Tips: Keeping Up With Study Habits During Summer

No matter where you are in the world or what you’re doing with your summer, there’s no doubt that the long warm days can do a number on all that studying from the previous semester. Instead of letting everything you learned go to waste, it’s important to retain what you’ve learned, especially if that includes material from courses relating to the ones you’ll be taking in the future. Keeping up with study habits and following these studying tips isn’t nearly as hard as it seems when you put a regular effort in while managing to enjoy the break from school. (more…)

5 Trips to Take in New England (on a Budget)

Traveling on a budget is no easy task, especially when there can be a multitude of places worth visiting. In New England, a great way to travel from state to state while being able to have plenty of lasting experiences is by journeying along the East coast. Depending on where you’re starting obviously impacts the trip, but let’s assume you’re venturing from south to north, beginning in Connecticut. (more…)

Grocery Shopping on a College Budget

Living on a college campus certainly has its perks, but sometimes the meal plan isn’t one of them. Whether you’re paying for your meal plan or not, there can be motivation for a student to wish to venture to a local grocery store to find their own food. And while there’s no problem with a little extra food on the side, spending money on grocery shopping week by week can be a huge financial burden for anyone. Here are some tips to manage grocery shopping on a college budget: (more…)

Summer Blockbuster Movies Preview

This summer when you’ve got nothing to do and need to stay cool, there’s no place better to venture than a local movie theatre! Every summer, blockbuster films draw in crowds for a variety of genres, including action, adventure, comedy, and everything in between. And this year is no different, so make sure you’re prepared for everything these potential blockbuster movies have to offer:

What sports teach you about life

The wide world of sports can cover a wide range of aspects of life, including being a great way to learn about ourselves. Competitive sports from youth and intramural events to professional sports aren’t just about coming out on top and being successful, they can be a difference maker in an individual understanding their abilities as well as their limitations, and the impact they can make with a team. (more…)

The Best Memorial Day Weekend Getaways

It’s that time of the year again as Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner! And the best way to celebrate the extended weekend is by traveling with the family. It’s an opportune time to look into student discount airfare so that you find the cheapest flights amongst the many holiday packages available. And while you might not be willing to travel across country for a mini vacation, there are plenty of spots across the country worth visiting. (more…)

Surviving Finals

May is right around the corner and with it’s arrival comes the most nightmarish time for a college student: finals week. After months of difficult classes, everything comes to a head as a series of exams stand between you and summer break, as well as being the key ingredient in determining your performance for the semester.

While gathering your pens and pencils for exam after exam isn’t the most appealing part of college, it shouldn’t keep any student away from success during that oh-so-stressful week. Here are some helpful hints that can be the difference in allowing you to survive final exams: