Traveling On A Budget: Stop Pinning, Start Living!

“I just don’t get how you can afford to travel so much!” –Everyone

I’ve heard this so many times this past year that I thought I should address it. I’m a broke college student. I can’t possibly afford to take spontaneous getaways to London, L.A., exotic islands in the Caribbean, etc.(Eye roll). Traveling to a new and exciting places doesn’t have to be some distant dream that never leaves your Pinterest board. College is expensive, but traveling doesn’t have to be. (more…)

Not-So Disney Castles in France

While many people may have visited Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World, there are four breathtaking castles in central and southern France that are a must-see for any true castle connoisseur or traveler on the hunt for historic perspective and incredible views.  Each one very different from the rest, they all have unique aspects—from café’s to catapults, learn more about the castles that await you in France. (more…)

Peru: The Lowdown

The Food

The year-round temperate climate in Peru produces some of the ripest fruit you will ever taste. To fuel up for a full day of exploring, you can start by ordering some decadently rich espresso. If you are looking to try some delicious local dishes, you should consider the lomo saltado or some fresh ceviche. (more…)