Ways To Save Money On Textbooks

You would think saving up all of the money earned at your summer job would cover pretty much all expenses for the college year ahead. School supplies, nights out on the town, and that poster of your favorite band over your bed. But wait, have you factored in the cost of textbooks? Now those nights out look more like nights in with ramen and a fuzzy blanket.
Don’t fret! There are many ways to get around the hefty price tag of these at the bookstore for college students. (more…)

10 Shameless Money-Saving Tips For College Students

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing the number on your bank statement dwindle. As a college student, I can relate. I started this year like the last two years with a small fortune from my summer job, and end the school year with maybe twenty or so dollars to my name. It is a fact of life that as a college student you will be as broke as a joke, but there are definitely a few small things you can do to manage your money!