Reverse Culture Shock

Culture shock is a topic I’m sure most study abroad advisers touched upon before the departure for the trip. But, what about the return home? Wait, we have to go through the whole culture shock thing…again? And, this time it’s in our own stomping grounds?

I’m not saying it happens to everyone, but my study abroad advisers warned us that the “reverse culture shock” when coming back home could be worse than the initial culture shock entering the foreign country. (more…)

What to Pack Before You Study Abroad

You’ve made it through all the applications, bought your tickets, and found out where you will be living and what you will be doing during your study abroad. But, what to bring?

Odds are your study abroad advisor told you to pack light, and they are absolutely right. You will be thanking them when you realize you’re sharing a room with two others in a tiny flat. At least, that was my experience during my semester in London.

So, here is a list of items that I used regularly while away that goes beyond the basics, which you may not have considered. (more…)

The Great Internship Hunt

What’s been on my mind since January? Internships for the summer.

I suppose that’s always been on my mind as a journalism major since my chosen career path (and really universal for all careers) is all about applying what I learn in the classroom. So, getting the right experience under my belt is the best way to actually land a job after graduation.

My own internship hunt has been an insane roller coaster of countless cover letters, resume adjustments, interviews, follow-up notes, and rejections. Repeat.