My #happyplace is South Africa


It started with possessions in a duffle bag in the kick shuffle airport dance and a pocket full of foreign currency. It began in a place where beer is sometimes cheaper than water, and always a smarter decision. Hiking trails begin as hills and mountains, intimidating the cityscape. Local beer makes beer taste better even if you think it isn’t possible. There are vineyards spreading as far as you can see with sunset ripened fields of grapes. Its history grounds you, roots you into the timestamp of yesterday and today. (more…)

Home is my #happyplace!

rebeccalargeWhen I was little and easily entertained, I would close my eyes in car rides and try to guess where we were on the ride home. I’d let my memory and intuition figure it out based on the different turns we had to take to get back. Sometimes I was right and sometimes I was way off.

If you’re anything like me, and thought of choosing a college as an adventure, then you may have ended up far from home. We hurry to become citizens of the world, spread our wings, leave the nest, and fulfill every cliché we learned.

When I was looking at colleges I knew I wanted to live in a place I thought I would never get the chance to live again. I found myself in New Orleans, a city that is culturally incomparable and always finding excuses to party. A place 1,300 miles from home. (more…)