Readjusting to Life at Home

Unless you commute to school, you’ve probably had to uproot yourself not once, but twice for the academic year. You’ve had to move all your stuff into your dorm room at the beginning, then back home at the end. Some of you may have already unpacked, but others are still probably living out of a suitcase or two, like yours truly. You probably also have to get used to living under your parents’ roof again, as opposed to being somewhat independent while living with a complete stranger for a roommate. And of course, there’s adjusting to all the free time you have now that you don’t have class to go to or tests to take (just kidding; you probably got used to that pretty quickly). In a nutshell, your life is probably in complete chaos from moving back home for the summer. Here are some ways to get yourself acclimated again. (more…)

Summer Fitness: Brain Edition

Summer vacation is here. Lazy days swimming, friends gathered around bonfires and barbecues, and a bunch of free time uncrowded by classes lay sprawled out in front of you for the next few months. Naturally, you’ll want to take full advantage of the relaxation and fun of summer. Your brain will appreciate the break from the rigor of academia, but you don’t want to let it shut down completely. It’ll just be harder to reboot come September. (more…)

Avoiding Campus Fever: Off-Campus Entertainment

College life is great at first. Tons of new people, a bunch of school-sponsored events for entertainment, and not-too-shabby eats in the dining hall (for glorified cafeteria food, that is). Life is good once move-in is over.

Then a few weeks go by.

Not only is there class to deal with, but the dining hall food is all starting to taste alike, there are fewer campus events to go to, and while the people may still be interesting, everyone’s getting a little tired of the same old thing. So now what? (more…)