Studying Abroad for a year in Paris didn’t make me fluent in French


By the time that I decided I was going to study abroad in France for an academic year, I had been studying French for 8 years. My high school and university led me to believe that I had an advanced level of fluency in French speaking and overall comprehension. This impression that my French language skills were higher than they actually were led me to believe that after a year in Paris, I would be fluent in French. The fact that I heard this claim from numerous sources also helped to perpetuate this belief.  However, when I arrived in Paris, I quickly realized that my level of French fluency was closer to intermediate than advanced. It took over four months of living and breathing French daily to get to a semi-advanced level. Even after over 11 months in Paris, I still wasn’t at complete fluency in French. But maybe that’s because of my definition of fluency. (more…)

Twenty in Paris: Information is the Key to Study Abroad Success


One of the most important preparation stages in the study abroad process is research. Visa requirements, culinary differences, foreign language basics, and fun places to travel to are the top researched topics amongst students. Current news stories and student experience in the host country are often overlooked. Let’s take a look at how these 2 topics equate to study abroad success.