Most people pass this gem up on their Italian itinerary. But, only a 10 euro, 2 ½ to 4 hour train ride from Venice… you don’t want to pass up it up.

The Dolomite Mountain Range – only one of the most beautiful, dramatic, and stunning landscapes in the Alps and the country of Italy as a whole.


If you’re in Venice and want to take a weekend trip… this is it. If you’re lucky you’ll even be able to see your inspiration from the edge of the lagoon in Cannaregio, one of Venice’s six neighborhoods. However, it is very rare you’ll be able to see the mountains from Venice. But if you get lucky, it is unreal! Their vastness and grandiose is simply indescribable and unimaginable. dolomites from venice

Stretching across a pretty significant amount of land as a part of the Alps in northeast Italy these mountains are home to hikers, skiers, free climbers, hang gliders, base jumpers, kayakers, explorers, and “belle viste” (beautiful views)!

Simply put, it is a heavenly outdoor paradise with plenty of activities at all times of the year ensuring you will never get bored.

The main tourist attraction of the area is TreCime di Lavaredo, the three magnificent peaks of the mountainous region. If you’re a rock climber, then this is more or less one of the best playgrounds in the area reaching heights of nearly 10,000 feet. However, no matter how adventurous you want to be, the three peaks are surely worthy of your time and attention. They are accessible by foot, bus, or car…  and with many different paths for hiking (easy to hard difficulty) around the peaks and a windy road with beautiful views for those feeling an awe-inspiring drive around the peaks, you really have no excuse not to see these magnificent feats of nature.

Another can’t miss is Lake Misurina. Tranquilly sitting quietly surrounded by the dramatic and stupendous mountains is the best description I can give it. Your eyes will fill with wonder and your mind will boggle. Take a walk around the lake and marvel!

Around the area there are many refuges to stay at in the mountains, places to sleep and grab pastries, pasta, or gelato in nearby towns (most notably- Belluno, Cortinad’Ampezzo, Bolzano), and a never ending supply of pure beauty.

Riding the train, catching a bus, or driving a car into the mountains will set the bar high for what lies ahead… but if you want to escape, marvel, and fall in love for a weekend, you won’t be disappointed!

Definitely one of the most amazing places I’ve experienced in Italy!

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