So you’re traveling somewhere new. How do you get around? Where’s the best place to get fried dumplings? Why does everyone take a nap at 3:00 pm? We’ve got the best travel guides to help answer all of these questions, and help you navigate your next adventure.

From transportation tips to cultural facts, these guides give you the inside look to the most amazing places on the planet. We’ve broken them down by continent. Since Wi-Fi can be spotty when traveling and devices can lose charge, some people prefer to carry a physical travel guide with them that they can read on the train, markup and always know they can rely on. We’ve indicated how each of the guides below can be purchased so you can travel with the guide style you are most comfortable with.




Let’s Go Europe 2016: The Student Travel Guide

Let’s Go was founded about 55 years ago when a Harvard student had an idea to provide accessible, budget travel tips for young people. Since then, the company has grown into a leader in student travel and students love its witty pages.

The Europe 2016 guide has everything you need for your trip- from the best beer in Brussels to how to avoid the lines at the Louvre.

From the book’s description:

First time to Europe? It’s our 56th. There isn’t a hostel in Hungary we haven’t tested, a beer in Brussels we haven’t imbibed, or a metro line in Madrid we haven’t mastered. After going through the ups and downs, we know the ins and outs. Part local expert, part goofy travel companion, Let’s Go Europe lays down some Continental #realtalk: the secret ways to avoid lines at the Louvre; the truly undiscovered (read: not Dubrovnik) gems of the Croatian coast; and yes, you do have spanakopita stuck in your teeth.

Let’s Go Europe 2016 guide comes in paperback form and is ready to take on the streets of your adventure.



The Rough Guide to Cape Town, the Winelands, and the Garden Route

With its colorful photos and its detailed tips on how to make the most of South Africa, the Rough Guide is the book to get when navigating Africa. It features tips on whale watching, mountain hikes and the best way to trek through the vibrant neighborhoods of Cape Town. You may not have access to Google Maps when you’re out exploring but that’s ok, this Rough Guide also comes with easy to use maps. It can be purchased for an eBook, or as a paperback.







Lonely Planet: Southeast Asia On a Shoestring

This guide is perfect for those backpacking through the hidden gems of Southeast Asia. With recommendations from experts in the area, this guide helps first-timers as well as experienced backpackers. Discover wild jungles or beautiful beaches with Lonely Planet’s planning features and top itineraries.

This book can be purchased as a paperback travel guide, a download for an eBook or individual chapters can be purchased to serve as a guide to specific cities.






Frommer’s EasyGuide to Australia 2016

For an up-to-date, carefully-researched and highly-opinionated take on Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns (the Great Barrier Reef), and awesome Outback (Uluru/ Ayers Rock), who could we better have chosen than a life member and past president of the Australian Society of Travel Writers? Lee Mylne, a longtime resident of Brisbane, is the author of our 2016 Easy Guide to Australia. She has been to every state and territory of Australia, by every means of transport, and has now awarded the reader of her Frommer guidebook with valuable information and unique insights. Her Easy Guide has everything you need to know.

This travel guide is a paperback.

Extra tip: Australia also made it on our list of places to visit now because of the strength of the dollar.

North America

Lonely Planet USA Travel Guide

Discover all that the USA has to offer from the redwood forests to the hustle of New York City. This guide provides readers with insider tips on how to live like a local in the many regions of the country. With reviews of the best places to eat, sleep, and explore, Lonely Planet hooks it up with budget-friendly attractions and that’s why it makes our best travel guides list.

This book can be purchased as a paperback travel guide, a download for an eBook or individual chapters can be purchased to serve as a guide to specific states and regions of the US.




South America

Lonely Planet: South America On a Shoestring

As students, we are always looking for places where we can save a couple of extra pennies. This guide does a great job of providing insider tips on how to save time and money while exploring this continent. They feature budget-oriented recommendations such as lodging, restaurants, and attractions. Considered the #1 best travel guide for South America, this guide also highlights festivals or events going on each month.

This book can be purchased as a paperback travel guide, a download for an eBook or individual chapters can be purchased to serve as a guide to specific countries in South America.

So maybe your trip is planned and your travel guide will help you start familiarizing yourself with the place you are visiting, or maybe you are buying a travel guide for inspiration on where to go on your next adventure. Make sure to search for a cheap student flight and hotel

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Ralph Quito · October 12, 2017 at 2:39 am

Another great read thanks to you Elaine! I am always amazed at how you are able to write and make your readers feel that they are just talking to a friend. Keep writing please!

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