Brazilians have a phrase to describe the most beautiful, amazing things in the world – Lindo maravilhoso! Which sounds just about right considering the natural wonders and the festive traditions this country hosts. With the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has recently been in the spotlight. Even if you will not be attending the Olympics, this South American gem has a lot to offer for the avid traveler. From sunny beaches to the affectionate culture, check out our five reasons to visit Brazil:

1) Beaches


“At the copa.. copacabana…” Yes, Brazil is known for their long stretches of beaches including the party spot- the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro.  Enjoy a Caipirinha while looking out to the turquoise waters or take up stand-up paddle boat lessons. If you want a less crowded beach, visit Prainha Beach where you can surf in one of the best surfing locations or relax among rainforest mountains. There are more than 2,000 beaches on the shore line of Brazil, so fly into paradise with TAP Portugal and take your pick!

2) The Amazon Rainforest


For all the nature-lovers, the Amazon Rainforest is the must-see when visiting Brazil. From the exotic wildlife to diverse plant life, the Amazon gives travelers a look into a world untouched. The wet season runs from January to June, so we recommend visiting between March to May; it would be towards the end of the wet season but you can experience restricted areas of the dry season. Although there will be rainfall, people recommend going in the wet season because travelers will have better access to wetlands where they can take river boats to see more wildlife.

3) Carnival


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Think Mardi Gras times 100. Get ready to dance in huge parades and see ladies in vibrant, scandalous costumes. The biggest carnival celebration is in Rio de Janeiro but you can experience the madness anywhere in Brazil. Carnivals in Bahia and Pernambuco have a more African influence with reggae music and traditional African rhythms with samba music. Brazilians really know how to throw a party, so this is an event you don’t want to miss.
4) Weather


Weather can make or break your plans, but not if you are traveling to Brazil. This tropical country serves sunny skies the majority of the time, depending on where you are . By traveling between March to May, you would be able to experience a lot of the fun events outdoors and take advantage of the prime beach-going months.

5) Hospitality


Brazilians love tourists and often times make them feel like they have been long lost friends. Their affectionate culture makes people feel like they are at home. Because tourism is a huge part of the country’s economy, the people make it a point to make travelers feel welcome. Don’t be surprised if you are greeted with kisses from a stranger – body language is everything in this loving country.
With TAP Portugal, you can fly to where the sun always shines and where the people are always smiling. Right now, TAP Portugal is offering great deals on flights from Europe to Brazil for travel between March to May. If you’re studying abroad in Europe, this is the best way to end your spring semester abroad! All these reasons to visit Brazil should lock in a spot on your travel bucket list.
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Very nice content, informative and colorful. Makes the reader want to travel to Brazil!

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