Top 5 Reasons to Visit Vang Vieng, Laos

Vang Vieng is essentially the ultimate tourist trap in Laos.  Expats and backpackers are lured by the infamous idea of floating down a river in a tube, bringing only a bottle of whiskey as their companion to accompany them until they reach the first bar along the Mekong River.  Read More

5 Things You Can't Miss in Ukraine

Since ancient times, Ukraine was located in the center of the trade routes crossing and was at the center of all the wars and confrontations that hampered its development and prosperity. Nevertheless, this land is impregnable and go-ahead. Read More

Free Trip to Taiwan: Fly n’ Bike Contest

Taiwan is considered by many to be a cyclist’s paradise with its picturesque bike trails through the island-nation’s awe-inspiring scenery. Thanks to extensive funding in the past decade, Taiwan now boasts thousands of miles of bike roads that wrap around the 14,000 square-mile island.
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Beyond Plitvice – Other National Parks in Croatia

When people talk about National Parks in Croatia, they usually immediately think of Plitvice National Park. With 16 beautiful lakes and lush greeneries and the stunning photos that circulate around social media like wildfire, it’s no questions that it is the top attraction in Croatia. However, it’s not the only national park on the block. Croatia is actually home to eight national parks, and together they make up a total of 8% of Croatia. Read More