Grab the Cheapest Flights to India in December While they Last!

For most international students from India who are studying abroad in the US, the anxiety of booking tickets to travel back in December starts even before the Fall semester commences. Who doesn’t want to go back home to the amazing food cooked by mom, the bustling city life and auto-rickshaws, the high school friends who… Read More

6 Things To Do When You Go To Sweden

Fika This definitely tops the list. “Fika” is the first word you will hear in Sweden, and you’d better know what it is: A coffee break, usually with pastries. A large amount of coffee is consumed in Sweden, and they sure love to eat anything sweet. Even the ketchup is sweet! I suppose that the… Read More

Me to We: Celebrate Global Change with We Day!

Mohandas Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Our partners at Me to We have made this their mission; to empower youth to travel and make a change, because WE can. And that’s where We Day comes in… We Day is the movement of our time – a movement of… Read More


Spotlight on Our Dusseldorf Photo Contest Entries

We aspire to inspire all our followers to travel the world and take heed of all cultures and experiences. So when you all share your travel stories with us, we are ecstatic! This is just a little love post for all of you wanderlusters out there. We had so many great entries for our Airberlin… Read More

3 Tips for the Best Time to Book Flights to Asia

It’s time to book your flights to Asia! Whether you’re flying to China to visit your family, Japan to experience hot springs, or to the silver beaches of Thailand to escape your Winter blues, StudentUniverse has the best deals on flights. Unsure of when to book? Don’t worry, we’ve forecasted the cheapest time to book your flight based… Read More


Sydney Bites Down Under (and I don’t mean the shark type!)

While Sydney crawls its way up the ‘most expensive places to live’ list, it’s easy to forget the possibility of a Uni lifestyle, because lo and behold, student-friendly pockets exist and eating on a budget is on the cards! Hard to deny her natural beauty, Sydney’s food scene has taken advantage of the endless coastline,… Read More