Traveling On A Budget: Stop Pinning, Start Living!

“I just don’t get how you can afford to travel so much!” –Everyone

I’ve heard this so many times this past year that I thought I should address it. I’m a broke college student. I can’t possibly afford to take spontaneous getaways to London, L.A., exotic islands in the Caribbean, etc.(Eye roll). Traveling to a new and exciting places doesn’t have to be some distant dream that never leaves your Pinterest board. College is expensive, but traveling doesn’t have to be. (more…)

How to Not Look Like a Tourist: Studying Abroad Advice

Before many students travel abroad for the semester they research what they will need to bring (think plug adapters, a lock, an umbrella), what the weather will be like during their stay and how to pack (more on that here). What many students might not think as much about is how to assimilate into the local culture during their stay in their home away from home and not look like a tourist. Melissa Timbers provides some tips on how to make your time abroad a time to assimilate into the local culture, based on her time in Paris. (more…)

Last-Minute Trip Deals! Save 15-20% Off Tours!

Craving for your next adventure? Well look no further! Whether you’re planning a last minute summer trip, or thinking ahead for a journey you want to take in the fall or winter, we’ve got just what you’re looking for AND for a great price! We’re back with a tours last-minute trip deals, saving you an extra 15-20%* off a wide selection of small-group tours. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite trips from each tour type to help you get started! (more…)

airport lingo

Learn English Phrases for American airports

Even if it’s not your first time flying to the US or any other English-speaking country, it can be difficult to understand the language and signage at the airport. Since we love to make our members lives easier, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular phrases used in US airports for you to learn English phrases quickly. Check out this list before you depart and you’ll be guaranteed to have a wonderful international trip! (more…)

Study Abroad Checklist

Are you the type of person that A. over packs B. has no clue what to pack or C. waits till the last minute to pack? If you relate with any of the options above then this Study Abroad Checklist was made for you.

Venturing off to a new country is an exciting time and the weeks leading up to your departure can be filled with family functions and last minute goodbyes, which leaves no time to think through what to bring. So, we made this list to help you breeze through the stressful packing phase. (more…)