4th of July Getaway: Top Spots to Celebrate the Stars and Stripes

Independence Day is fast approaching! Where will you celebrate the birthday of the United States? If you’re dying for a 4th of July getaway for the holiday, and wracking your brain for a unique experience, look no further! Whether you want a capitol celebration, small town U.S.A., or a Revolutionary experience, we have it all! 4th of… Read More

Traveling On A Budget: Stop Pinning, Start Living!

  “I just don’t get how you can afford to travel so much!” –Everyone I’ve heard this so many times this past year that I thought I should address it. I’m a broke college student. I can’t possibly afford to take spontaneous getaways to London, L.A., exotic islands in the Caribbean, etc.(Eye roll). Traveling to… Read More

How to Not Look Like a Tourist: Studying Abroad Advice

Before many students travel abroad for the semester they research what they will need to bring (think plug adapters, a lock, an umbrella), what the weather will be like during their stay and how to pack (more on that here). What many students might not think as much about is how to assimilate into the… Read More

Last-Minute Trip Deals! Save 15-20% Off Tours!

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Beat the Heat: 5 “Cool” Destinations to Visit this Summer

Sunburns, endless amounts of sweat, scorching temperatures and sweltering humidity… a few of the things we relate to “Summer”. While summertime may have its perks, there are plenty of reasons to beat the heat in search of cooler weather and a change of scenery. We’ve compiled a list of the top destinations to cool off… Read More

Tourist's Story – My Solo Trip to Lima, Peru

Alexis Anthony, The Young, Broke Traveler, spent her spring break traveling solo through South America. As with many travelers, at first she was a little hesitant to travel by herself, but figured she was up for the challenge and took it head on! See why Alexis vows to return to the colorful, ethnic city of… Read More

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Learn English Phrases for American airports

Even if it’s not your first time flying to the US or any other English-speaking country, it can be difficult to understand the language and signage at the airport. Since we love to make our members lives easier, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular phrases used in US airports for you to learn… Read More

Study Abroad Checklist

Are you the type of person that A. over packs B. has no clue what to pack or C. waits till the last minute to pack? If you relate with any of the options above then this Study Abroad Checklist was made for you. Venturing off to a new country is an exciting time and… Read More