December 15: 15% off a trip to the Middle East

12 Days of Travel: G14MIDDLEEAST

When traveling to the Middle East travelers feel a sense of magic in the air, as there’s something inherently spiritual in the Middle East. Whether you are taking in the ancient temples and mosques, indulging in the intoxicating aromas of the bazaars and souks, or capturing the stunning mountains and red-and-ochre dunescapes that surround the historic cities such as Morocco the Middle East provides travelers with an unforgettable adventure. Read More

December 13: Take the train with this 15% off Rail Discount

Flying isn’t always the best transportation method, with this steam locomotive you will be connected with the world in a whole new way. Passengers will truly experience a scenic ride through places such as Europe as they will watch the landscapes change as they travel through breath-taking  such as the Alps, Himalayas, and Siberia. Traveling with the Rail will let you experience landscapes you wouldn’t be able to see when flying over them. Read More

Shredding Secrets: Which Board Will You Use?

BoardingCollageWith winter season approaching some of us are looking forward to grabbing our boards. Whether you are grabbing your snowboard to shred the slopes or you are grabbing your surfboard to shred some waves: StudentUniverse has some new destinations for you to go. These destinations aren’t your typical global hot spots, but rather the unknown locations that provide an epic ride. Read More

Get Ready for the 12 Days of Travel…

StudentUniverse and G Adventures are teaming up this holiday season and giving you a great price for the opportunity to give the best gift out there: adventure. Every day on the G Adventures Facebook page from December 13 – December 24 a new box on their “advent-ure calendar will appear and you will receive promo codes for a special discount on select trips in a specific region. StudentUniverse will then provide you everything you need to know about these select trips through their recommended tours where travelers will learn what they do,see, and bring. All discounts are valid until 11:59pm EST on December 31st, so grab ’em fast! Read More

Best Student Ski Spots in Europe

If you’re a snow bunny hopping abroad, you’ll probably want to explore some of Europe’s breathtaking ski spots.  Student budgets and skiing are not always compatible, so here’s a list of some memorable destinations where you can enjoy the peaks without breaking the bank. Read More

A Night Under the Stars in the Sahara Desert

A few months ago, the winner of our Morocco trip (Alexis) went on the trip of a lifetime, and she was kind enough to document her experiences (including some great pictures!) to share with all of us.

Below is one of the posts she put together on her experiences in Morocco, about her time in the Sahara Desert. To follow all of her posts on this trip, and her worldwide travels, visit: The Young, Broke Traveler. Read More

Spring Break 2015 Goes Outside the Box

What comes to mind when we think of College Spring Break? Typically most people think of sun, sand, booze, and day-long beach parties. That sounds like a pretty enjoyable vacation, but a weeklong break from the stress of exams and papers is a great opportunity to take your travels to the next level. Many students are passing on typical Spring Break trips for far away exotic destinations and experiences with new cultures. Read More