December 21: Explore your wild side with this 15% off Discount to the Galapagos Islands

12 Days of Travel: G14GALAPAGOS

There’s a reason why Charles Darwin was able to come up with his ground-breaking theory of natural selection when visiting the Galapagos Islands: this is probably the most famous wildlife-watching destination in the world. This small archipelago of islands in the eastern Pacific Ocean are becoming more and more popular as people have to see if the stories of this wonder is true; and not surprisingly, they almost always are. (more…)

December 20: Time to take that trip to Europe you always wanted with this 15% off Discount to Europe

12 Days of Travel: G14EUROPE

Europe provides those looking to constantly be on the move and wanting to experience a new site every day an unbelievable opportunity to have non-stop adventure. With so many countries and cultures packed into such a comparatively tight place, Europe gives you something different every day. Of course you will want to rush to hot spots such as Italy, Greece, and France but take your time, Europe’s not going anywhere but you will for sure be going back for more. (more…)

December 19: Time for a family vacation with this 15% off Family Discount

12 Days of Travel: G14FAMILY

Just because you’ve settled down and now have kids doesn’t mean the adventure has come to an end. Family trips are a whole new adventure and are not only just as fun but provide a whole new experience as you watch your kids absorb the outside world for themselves. Share the world and its infinite amount of adventures with your family and create a lasting memory for you and your kids for the rest of your lives. (more…)

Emirates Sale Good News for India Flights

If you were planning on going to India for winter break, or returning to the States for the start of the Spring semester, you’re in luck! We’re currently running a promo code sale with Emirates Airlines that will go through December, 21st. You can now save an extra $100 off all roundtrip flights when you use promo code EKRT2015*. The savings don’t end there though, you can also save an extra $50 off one ways flights with the use of promo code EKOW2015*. (more…)

December 18: 15% off a trip to explore Africa

12 Days of Travel: G14AFRICATRIPS

A truly massive continent comprising over 20% of the planet’s land, Africa is certainly a destination with countless opportunities to experience adventure. Africa is home to the world’s largest desert and river, the hottest temperatures, hundreds of dialects and cultures, and countless safaris. Africa has many countries such as South Africa and Tanzania that will provide you with all this and more. (more…)

December 17: Get Ready, Set, and Sail Away with this 15% off Sailing Discount

12 Days of Travel: GSAILING

Approximately ¾’s of the world is water, which is why many of us have this burning urge to explore the depths of the ocean. What better way to do this than sailing? Climb aboard with G Adventure and set sail to explore the many places they have to offer such as the British Virgin Islands, Croatia, Maldives, and more. Then just sit back and take in your surroundings with a small group of fellow adventurers as your skipper brings you to your destinations isolated coves, beaches, and secluded coastal villages. (more…)

December 16: 15% off a trip to China; A Great Discount to Experience a Great Wall

12 Days of Travel: G14CHINA

China has something for everyone, as this country is full of infinite culture, gorgeous landscapes, advanced urban centres, and diversity of possible experiences. Whether your experience entails  the thriving neon cities that stretch the horizon such as Shanghai and Beijing or absorbing the rich history of China by walking the Great Wall, China provides a true experience of how past culture meets the modern world. (more…)

Top Travel Headlines This Week: CoatChex for the Cold, Europe Without the Euro, London Air Traffic Restored

Headed Somewhere Warm? Check Your Coat at the Airport

It’s the debate most travelers have when they set out in the cold New England temperatures in the winter to travel to sunnier pastures—do I wear my winter jacket? You know you will be freezing on the way to the airport without it, but you don’t want to lug it around once you’re in your warm destination. (more…)