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Oh Madrid


Spain!! This was the first trip I went on after I moved to London for University. Overall this was a decent trip. Don’t get me wrong…. the city is BEAUTIFUL, the people were hospitable and the food was delicious. So I should say that this trip was great while I was there. (more…)

Adventure Time! Cairns, Queensland

August 10-15, 2014 AUS // August 9-14, 2014 US

Our visit to Cairns, Queensland! Adventures, food, boys, and nature, everything Australia has to offer in one place.


Have you ever thought about crossing a country by traveling primarily on a bus? As two pretty active 22 year olds, we were up for it but were a little worried about how we would pass the time. (more…)

What’s in my travel bag?


You’ve booked a trip and scored a great deal (thanks to Student Universe of course), but then the hard part happens…packing.

It’s a never-ending battle (especially for every girl who is traveling throughout several seasons) and the packing doesn’t stop with the overstuffed suitcase. The carry on bag and purse are just as, if not more, important as the suitcase. I frequently get asked questions about packing, and the question I get asked the most is What’s in your carry on/travel bag? (more…)

What Resumes DON’T Tell You


Humor the teacher inside me and raise your hand if you are a recent graduate and can’t find a job to save your life. You are applying for jobs like it’s your job. You maybe even have not one, but TWO degrees that you slaved over for, in my case, 18 out of 23 years of my life…which, if you do the math you learned in school that won’t help you get a job either, equals approximately 78% of my life. Your resume is littered with relevant jobs here and there – literally, for our generation is traveling more than any other before us. You’ve nit-picked your resume and rewritten enough cover letters to deem yourself a professional cover-letter-writer (and you’re now thinking, “Can that go on my resume??”). You just don’t understand….WHEN will someone take a chance on you?! (more…)