Dubai: Spring Break 2014


Although this Middle Eastern paradise may not have been you first thought for your upcoming Spring Break, you should definitely reconsider the option.  Whether you want to work on your tan, hit the slopes, or simply discover a new place, Dubai has it all!


Cool Things To Do in Dubai


When thinking about Study Abroad, alternative Spring Break destinations, or leisurely travel with friends and family, your first instinct is probably France, Italy, London, or Spain – but if you are looking for something truly unique and loaded with fun activities, then check out what Dubai, an emirate in the United Arab Emirates federation, has to offer.


Unique Experiences Around the World: The High Tides of Venice


Most people know Venice, Italy for its canals, grandeur, beauty, and mysteriousness. And often times, people now also connect the city to the fact that it’s going to sink someday! Even if they’ve never been to Venice, they’ve heard through word of mouth or Discovery Channel that this magical city will probably cease to exist someday (like Atlantis!)…and become wiped away and engulfed by the same water environment that made it so special and powerful in the first place.



Studying Abroad for a year in Paris didn’t make me fluent in French


By the time that I decided I was going to study abroad in France for an academic year, I had been studying French for 8 years. My high school and university led me to believe that I had an advanced level of fluency in French speaking and overall comprehension. This impression that my French language skills were higher than they actually were led me to believe that after a year in Paris, I would be fluent in French. The fact that I heard this claim from numerous sources also helped to perpetuate this belief.  However, when I arrived in Paris, I quickly realized that my level of French fluency was closer to intermediate than advanced. It took over four months of living and breathing French daily to get to a semi-advanced level. Even after over 11 months in Paris, I still wasn’t at complete fluency in French. But maybe that’s because of my definition of fluency. (more…)

Fun times in the Queen City: Buffalo


I love living in Buffalo. When I say this to people they look at me like I’m crazy, but it’s true. There is truly something amazing about the people who live here, the one word that comes to mind is perseverance. Through recession, depression, lake-effect snowstorms at rush hour, there are people who still have smiles on their faces every day. (more…)