Study Abroad E-book Giveaway

“Today’s college students understand the importance of a global market and the advantage studying abroad can be in their career,” says Andrea Bouchaud, former study abroad student and author of Twenty in Paris: A Young American Perspective of  Studying Abroad in Paris. Thinking about studying abroad in Paris?  Well, Andrea Bouchaud has teamed up with… Read More

Happy Halloween!

Tricks, treats, and about twelve pumpkin spice lattes later… Halloween is finally here!  What better way to celebrate than checking out some of the funny, scary and even strange pumpkin designs that are circulating Pinterest on this spooky day!? All images courtesy of Pinterest.

10 Amazing Free Hotel Amenities


Sure, you’ve used the standard hotel amenities that crowd the bathroom counter and dot your guest room’s monogrammed pillows. But these days, miniature toiletries and stale mints just won’t cut it for the pleasure-seeking traveler. Ten properties from around the country are taking their guest services to the next level, wooing visitors with everything from a personal tanning butler to free bike rentals for exploring the city. These A-list amenities prove that some of the best things in life really are free. Read More

Madrid Holi Run 2013

On October 19th I was lucky enough to join about 10,000 people in Madrid’s first ever Holi Run.  The Holi Run is similar to the Color Run in the States and Canada if you have ever participated in one of those races.  This was my first experience with a race like this and it definitely… Read More

Houston Relocation for Love

You know how it goes… One friend gets engaged. Then another and another. They all ask you to be a part of their wedding, but for you, there are no wedding bells in your future. There is only loneliness and sadness when it comes to your love life. That is not the case in Houston,… Read More

Twenty in Paris: How to Eat Like the French

France is known the world over as a country of culinary masterpieces but the thought of cooking French food doesn’t have to be daunting. The average French person doesn’t cook gourmet meals or eat as fancy as you may think. Let’s take a look at what it’s like to eat like the French. Breakfast- the… Read More


Top Five Ski Destinations in New England

This isn’t the Rockies, the Alps, or the Himalayas, but the northern Appalachian Mountains offer their own unique ski and board experience. Check out some of the best winter destinations perfect for all you ski bums and snow bunnies! Killington, VT – “Beast of the East” The self-titled “Beast of the East” covers seven mountains… Read More

Travel without Tourists: Four Underrated European Destinations


An unfortunate part of being a tourist in Europe is the fact that you are one tourist amongst a crowd of hundreds of thousands of others, who usually seem to have identical itineraries to yours. When tourism takes over so much of a city, you lose the honesty and reality of the city’s culture. The following list of cities offers some suggestions of places to give you an authentic and diverse taste of European culture. Read More

Twenty in Paris: Parisian Apartments 101


Living in Paris is a dream come true for many students. What’s not so dreamy is the typical Parisian apartment Americans students will stay in during their time abroad. It is important to understand that Paris is a very old city with very old buildings. Updating and modernizing these buildings while still preserving their historical attributes is not easy. Let’s take a look at what it’s like to live in a French apartment. Read More