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The Price of a Good Resume

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Higher education has come a long way – and so have the costs. At 18 million college students in the US, we’re past the days when the typical student is the first in their family to attend college. Every year tens of thousands of students are graduating college with upwards of $100,000 in debt. The college degree has become more and more expensive, but is it enough? The competition for jobs that will allow those students to pay back that debt is fierce. Students are no longer competing for jobs with their classmates or students from around their country. They are competing with students from around the world. The standards have been elevated. Read More

Study Abroad: Budapest, Hungary


Rule of studying abroad #1: Don’t panic! You are not alone. The first feeling you’ll face is depression. It felt like my dog died or something. When it comes to living alone for the first time you’ll know what I mean. The only cure – start working. What else do you think you came here for? I’m joking. The best cure is “party time” – and if you are in Budapest, that’s the right place for it. Hungarians are crazy. They can party all night long and in the morning they go to WORK! There are night clubs all over Budapest. There are even some in abandoned factories. Read More

5 Destinations for Young Professionals

You graduate from college with a degree in a field you (hopefully) enjoy with hopes of getting a great job that pays well enough to afford the real world bills that ensue shortly after receiving your diploma. Then reality sets in – finding a job is not that easy! With the unemployment rate at about… Read More

Best Graduation Trips

Your hard work and dedication has paid off. You’re here with degree in hand and wondering what’s next? One of the most exciting parts of this time of your life is the fact that you can do anything. The world is waiting for you to discover every nook and cranny: learn a new language, immerse… Read More