How To Plan the Perfect Road Trip

A road trip is the perfect way to fit a summer vacation into your schedule. They’re fun, easy, and always full of adventures. Have you never taken a road trip before? Or have you always gone with your family? Don’t worry – with a little planning, you can plan the perfect vacation. (more…)

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Europe

Europe is an amazing place; everyone should make an effort to visit at least one place there in their lifetime. It is also one of the most popular continents to study in for college students. It offers a wide variety of cultures and exotic destinations. For students, it offers easy travel, accommodation, and enough history to span many many lectures. (more…)

A Freshman’s Guide to Doing Laundry

As you begin your first year at college, you’re going to learn how to master some new skills: how to take effective notes; write a twenty-page term paper; and find work-study balance are just a few. Chances are that you are living in a resident hall and this is the first time you will live alone and that you are not used to doing certain things by yourself i.e. washing your dirty clothes. What better time to learn it than now? Here are is simple guide to doing your laundry. (more…)