Choosing a compatible roommate

As someone who shares your living space, your roommate is one of the most important people in your life as a college student. To some degree, you are relinquishing a sliver of your privacy to this person. Having said that, a good roommate isn’t essential for a good college experience, but considering the inherently busy and often stressful life of the diligent student, it’s always comforting to know that you won’t come back from class to find your roomie snorting your prescription of Ritalin or your borrowed-without-permission Skyrim game scratched beyond all hope. (more…)

How to Decide What to Get Involved in On Campus

Every advisor you speak to will say the same thing about your first year of college: get involved! The amount of clubs and extra-curricular activities on campus can seem a bit daunting when you first enter college, with more options and unique clubs that may not have been offered in your high school. No need to fear! Here are a few things to think about as you take your first steps into campus life.

Summer Must-Reads

Wondering how to navigate the best-sellers section without paying $10 plus for a total dud? Forget that, use your Amazon Prime (free trial with .edu email address) to snag a used copy of one of these awesome reads. Whether you’re sneaking reads behind the cash register or adjusting your shades to catch a glimpse at the beach, one of these reads is sure to catch your fancy. (more…)

Grocery Shopping on a College Budget

Living on a college campus certainly has its perks, but sometimes the meal plan isn’t one of them. Whether you’re paying for your meal plan or not, there can be motivation for a student to wish to venture to a local grocery store to find their own food. And while there’s no problem with a little extra food on the side, spending money on grocery shopping week by week can be a huge financial burden for anyone. Here are some tips to manage grocery shopping on a college budget: (more…)

France on the Cheap

Let’s face it. France and cheap aren’t usually words that go together in our minds. It’s more like, France and horrendously expensive and decadent deserts followed by not even bothering to convert from Euros while paying our Louvre entrance. I’m here to tell you that you can do France on the cheap, even Paris! And I’m going to show you how. (more…)

How to Use Social Media to Get a Job: LinkedIn

In the previous post, I discussed how making a professional-looking Facebook profile is important for employers who want tosee a more personal side to you as a candidate. LinkedIn is a totally different animal. This is a strictly business-oriented, insanely useful networking site that not only provides information to an employer, but can also help you to trackone down. Here are some helpful steps to navigating this goldmine of potential job opportunities. (more…)

Top Four Most Original and Outrageous College Mascots

Everyone’s heard of the typical lions, tigers, bears, and eagles mascots. Those are fierce and all, but lack a sense of, well, surprise. The best way to discombobulate a rival school’s sports teamis to whip out an unintimidating mascot that implies little ability to competein any sort of battle. Oftentimes, based on their deep-rooted history in the college, unique mascots strengthen the sense of community among students. These top four most original and outrageous college mascots rebel against the usual frightening animals and exhibit their own peculiar, butloveable, characteristics. (more…)