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10 Things to know before going to Vegas

When traveling anywhere, it's always best to do a bit of research on what to do and what not to do. Here are a few tips before your big trip:

  1. Travellers Cheques Accepted!

  2. Travellers Cheques are not a problem at casinos, restaurants, hotels and shops in Las Vegas. You will be required to show photo id for verification.

  3. Beware of Pickpockets

  4. Always make sure your wallet is in a safe place. Vegas is also famous for pickpockets. Women should have purses that zip shut and have long straps on handbags so that they can go diagonally across your shoulder. Men should keep their wallet in their front pocket at all times. Keep your purse, wallet or bum bag with you at all times. Never put it down anywhere.

  5. Keep and eye on you chips

  6. Keep a very close eye on your poker chips at casino tables. There are actually professional people who grab your chips when you are not looking.

  7. Act like a local

  8. If you're going to a gentleman's club, get your driver to drop you off a block away, walk to the club and tell them you're a local (say you haven't gotten a Nevada license yet, if you show your out-of-state ID) — you'll get in for free.

  9. Sign up for players cards

  10. The best way to get free stuff from the hotel-casino you're playing in is to sign up for its players card. It's basically a frequent flier card that tracks your spending and winnings — the more points you rack up, the more stuff you get, like meal comps, free shows, reduced room rates, free spins on the slot machine or stuff from the gift shop.

  11. Visit mid-week.

  12. Hotel rooms often cost three to four times as much on the weekends as during the week! Plus, with weekend crowds you'll wait in line for everything. Mid-week visitors save tons of money and have a much better time.

  13. Don't lose your shirt.

  14. Don't bet more than you can afford to lose. Set a budget for each playing session and if you lose it, stop playing.

  15. Don't try to get taxis on the strip.

  16. Taxis can't stop directly on the strip; that's why they're passing you by. Go to the taxi area of the hotel to get one. Up to 4 people ride for the same price as 1; if there's just 2 of you, don't be afraid to yell out, "Anyone want to split a cab?

  17. Don't play slot machines.

  18. They suck your money away hand over fist. Compare $600 lost over 16 hours on a $0.25 machine compared to just $40 lost at blackjack or craps @ $5 a hand.

  19. Walk.

  20. The whole strip is four miles long and you could walk the whole thing in an hour and a half. Plus, it helps work off the calories from the buffets.

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