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Q&A with Karly and Amy - Last Year's Spring Breakers

So we broke the World Record, and the US now holds the title of World's Largest Bikini Parade!
We got a hold of Karly and Amy - who lead the parade into the Guinness World Records - and had ourselves a little Q&A session. Check it out!

  1. What made you decide to go to Panama City Beach for Spring Break?

  2. Karly: 
My cousin went there last year and told me about all the fun she had plus everyone knows Panama City beach is the best place to go for spring break! It is also a lot cheaper than some spring break spots and way more fun!

    Amy: I decided to go to Panama City Beach for Spring Break because I wanted to go to a place where there would be other college students who had the same intentions, to have an enjoyable week filled with memories on the beach with new and old friends. I know of a lot of people who have gone to Panama City Beach for Spring Break before and only had good things to say about it, Panama came highly recommended. I only have good memories and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  3. How did you hear about the Bikini Parade?

  4. Karly: 
We found the event on Facebook and knew we would have to go! We talked about it for weeks before the event! We knew the parade would be great but we didn’t realize how great it would be or how much fun we would have!


    Amy: I heard about the Bikini Parade from one of my friends mother’s who happened to come across it online. Once I heard about the parade I researched it online and discovered that it happened to fall on the same day that my friends and I would be in Panama. It was then permanently on our agenda.

  5. What does it feel like to be part of a Guinness World Record?

  6. Karly: 
It was one of the most amazing moments in my life! I was so proud of everyone involved. I was really proud to be an American and proud of the USA for doing this. It was one of those moments you can never fully describe to people. They will never really understand what it felt like to be apart of something that life changing! We have already made plans to buy the book when it comes out. This is something I will keep with me for the rest of my life and share with my kids and grand-kids one day! 

    Amy: Words cant even describe how I feel to be a part of something so well known that has been such a success for as long as it has been. To be a part of something this monumental is only something that I could have dreamed about.

  7. Have you seen all the press? How does it feel to see yourself all over the news?

  8. Karly: Yes I’ve seen it. Well, a lot of it at least. My mom said she went through 50+ websites with article about the parade from all over the world before she stopped looking. My family is so proud of me. They were posting pictures and links to my Facebook even before I got back home. Even people I didn’t know messaged me sending me youtube videos and pictures from news papers. They are all so proud of us and are so happy that we brought this record back to the USA. I had people messaging me just to thank me for being a part of this and doing this for my country. It feels really great to be recognized for something like this. You hear of horror stories about girls going on spring break and it being like a scene for girls gone wild. It was just amazing to be a part of 450 girls who could break through that stereo type and doing something meaningful while on spring break. Something that we can all be proud of.

    Amy: I have seen a lot of the press but each day I have been presented with either more picture or news clippings. It seems so surreal to actually see myself on the news and in newspaper articles. It is everyone’s dream to have something like this happen to them and I truly feel blessed that I was chosen to partake in such an event.

  9. Were you surprised when you were asked to lead the parade? 

  10. Karly: 
Yes I was so surprised! We were just walking on the beach and someone made a comment about our American flag bathing suit and next thing we knew we were being asked to lead it! It was such an honor! We were so proud to lead the USA in achieving this record. Leading this parade has been the center of every spring break story I’ve told. It was a once in a life time moment that I will never forget. 

    Amy: I was very surprised to be asked to lead the parade. It seemed like an ordinary day as I was casually walking down the beach to the stage when I was approached and asked if I would hold the American flag and lead the parade. I feel I was in the right place at the right time. I thought of it as an honor to represent the USA in our attempt to beat the world record.


If Australia retaliates and breaks the record next year, will you come back and help break it for Panama City Beach?

  12. Karly: 
Yes I’ll be back! There is no way I would let Australia keep this record from the USA. I would drag every girl I know to Panama Beach City to keep this record for the USA! I had so much fun at this beach parade that I almost wish they did so I could do it all over again. Almost being the key word. The USA earned this and I hope it sticks for a long time.

    Amy: I would be more than honored to come back and help break the record again. I see how much excitement breaking the record this time was, I can only imagine the emotions and integrity to break it again but no one else is going to break this record so I am not worried.

  13. What was your favorite part of the whole experience?

  14. Karly: 
It would probably be a tie between walking in the parade and when we actually found out we broke the record. When walking in the parade everyone was watching and cheering. Not just college student but everyone from young kids to old adults. In this moment we were connected in one goal to bring the bikini parade world record back to the USA! It was like a surge of energy all around us. It made me feel proud of what we were doing.
    It really meant something, not only to us but everyone. Leading up to them announcing us reaching the record there was so much suspense that when we found out we actually got it was emotional. I really did have tears in my eyes. It was so exciting! It was such a great experience to be able to take pictures with and hold the award. It was like I was on top of the world. 

    Amy: My favorite part of the whole experience was probably being recognized for participating in breaking the world record. I was already excited to just be a part of the parade and say I helped break the record but to actually be recognized and get Maine on the map was more than I could have even imagined.

  15. Do you have anything to add?

  16. Karly: 

I just want every to know this wasn’t just some spring break crazy party, but something that meant something. It was meaningful. 

    Amy: All I have to add is that this was the greatest week of my life so far and to play an actual role in the parade and be recognized was truly a life event that I will never forget and something that I will be telling my children someday. I hope the USA gets to hold onto this record and if not now that this event has had so much publicity there is no doubt in my mind that we will be able to regain the record if need be. USA USA USA

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