Alumni can save on travel, too!

American Universities International Programs is providing optional travel arrangements for students attending the programs listed below. StudentUniverse has blocked space on flights of major international airlines to accommodate the attendees of these programs. The optional group flights listed below depart from and return to major U.S. hubs. If you have been accepted to one of these programs, please click on the school you are from to purchase an airline ticket to travel to your program.

Need a domestic flight to meet the group? Once you click on the program you are attending below there will be an option to check off if you need a additional flight to meet the group flight. Please check that box and list which city you need to depart. We will make a reservation for you with the best flight options available and lowest price then email you a quote within 72hours. To confirm the add-on or to cancel you will need to call StudentUniverse Groups at 800-351-3279. M-F 9am-6pm EST

Need an Australia Visitor Visa (ETA)? You may purchase the electronic visa online at the same time you purchase your airline tickets. There will not be a physical document to send you. We will email you once the visa has been approved and you may print that out with your E Ticket confirmation and bring it to check in. The cost for a visa is an additional $20.00 fee. E-Tickets will be issued no later than 30 days prior to departure.

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Program Location Departure   Return  
Brockport, Virginia Tech & Oregon State University Ushuaia, Argentina Miami - Ushuaia 12/15/14 Ushuaia - Miami 12/29/14
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Program Location Departure   Return  
NCSU South Queensland LAX - Brisbane 05/14/15 Brisbane - LAX 06/08/15
Ohio State University North Queensland LAX - Townsville 05/11/15 Cairns - LAX 06/05/15
Texas A&M and Baylor University North Queensland LAX - Townsville 05/24/15 Cairns - LAX 06/18/15
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Program Location Departure   Return  
Penn State University Nadi, Fiji LAX - Fiji 05/10/15 Fiji - LAX 05/20/15
University of Illinois International flights Nadi, Fiji LAX - Fiji 01/03/15 Fiji - LAX 01/18/15
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New Zealand

Program Location Departure   Return  
Arizona State University New Zealand LAX - Christchurch 05/14/15 Auckland - LAX 06/07/15
Arizona State University + Fiji New Zealand LAX - Christchurch - Fiji 05/14/15 Fiji - LAX 06/14/15
Frostburg New Zealand Washington Dulles - Christchurch 05/23/15 Christchurch - Washington Dulles 06/17/15
Ohio State University New Zealand LAX - Dunedin 05/11/15 Christchurch - LAX 06/05/15
University of Florida & University of Montana New Zealand LAX - Christchurch 05/23/15 Christchurch - LAX 06/17/15
University of Illinois New Zealand LAX - Christchurch 05/19/15 Dunedin - LAX 06/13/15
Winona State New Zealand LAX - Queenstown 07/06/15 Queenstown - LAX 07/24/15
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New Zealand & Australia

Program Location Departure   Return  
Brockport & Virginia Tech New Zealand & North Queensland LAX - Auckland-Townsville 05/27/15 Cairns - LAX 01/20/15
ECU & Clemson New Zealand & North Queensland LAX - Auckland-Townsville 05/12/15 Cairns - LAX 06/05/15
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