Alumni can save on travel, too!

Alumni Travel

College is over, but the deals aren't. As an alumni, you still get great deals on flights, hotels, tours and more!

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Discounts on Alumni Travel Exclusively from StudentUniverse

You’ve successfully finished college and now you’re forced to face “the real world”... yikes. Have no fear! Just because you’re not a student anymore doesn’t mean you can’t see the world (and take advantage of really awesome discounts on travel). In fact, now is the perfect time to explore a new destination.

But I thought StudentUniverse was only for students, so how do I qualify for discounts still?

We know that wanderlust doesn’t just stop at graduation, and sometimes it gets even stronger. That’s why we’ve worked with some airline partners to allow discounts on flights for “youth.” What about other travel products? Although tours were built with 18 - 30 somethings in mind, anyone can book a tour! For hotels, activities and rail, same goes... anyone qualifies.

What ages are considered “youth”?

18 to 25 year olds.

Will I still save as much money on youth flights as I did on student flights?

A lot of the discounts that students enjoy, are also eligible for youth. On average, you will save $217 on international flights.

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