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Our Team

Espen Odegard


employee_espen_odegard: Founder

As a founder of StudentUniverse, he has taken the company from an idea at his kitchen table in New York City to the world’s largest student deals site. During this ride, he has led fundraising activities and been an active manager of the business. Espen grew up in Oslo, Norway, however moved to the United States to attend Columbia University. As a national champion in swimming, he proved early on that he is highly competitive. As a student in New York, he founded his own travel agency, which would later become Prism Travel. In 2000, he moved to Boston and launched StudentUniverse.

Atle Skalleberg

Chief Executive Officer

employee_atle_skalleberg: Chief Executive Officer

Atle joined StudentUniverse in 2005, and prior to his role as a CEO, he led the business development and marketing teams. Having grown up in Norway, you would think he would not mind the cold Boston winters - think again. Atle loves whiteboards, digital business and good wine. He is in charge of continuing StudentUniverse’s growth and is involved in all commercial aspects of the business. Atle received his undergraduate degree from The Norwegian School of Management - B.I. and his graduate degree from Boston University.

Mike Cleary

Chief Commercial Officer

employee_mike_cleary: Chief Commercial Officer

Mike joined StudentUniverse in 2011 and is responsible for the commercial strategy and development of the company. During his 20+ years in the travel industry, he has owned and sold a ski tour company and an educational tour company. Prior to his role at StudentUniverse, Mike was in charge of sales and business development for, the largest provider of mountain travel in North America. Prior to, he led EF College Break (a division of EF Educational Tours). Mike loves spending time with his wife and three daughters. He is also an avid skier and fisherman.

Cindy Cox

Chief Financial Officer

employee_cindy_cox: Chief Financial Officer

Affectionately known as “The Principal”, Cindy joined StudentUniverse as Controller just prior to launching our first online presence in April 2000. Cindy built the accounting and finance departments from the ground up and now manages finance, accounting and HR as CFO of our global organization. When not crunching numbers, Cindy tries to find time to spend with her husband and often gets tackled by her two young sons in the suburbs, where she enjoys gardening and channeling her inner Martha Stewart (the creative one, not the crook) on various projects around the house.

Chad Mooney

Chief Operating Officer

employee_chad_mooney: Chief Operating Officer

Chad is responsible for making sure our website and service works the way we want it to. He grew up in central Indiana (Frankfort- home of the Hot Dogs), and got his B.S. from Indiana University-Bloomington in 2000. After receiving his degree, Chad lived in Cork, Ireland for a while before moving to Boston in 2001. He had no job, but wanted to be close to his lifelong favorite baseball team – the Boston Red Sox. Chad joined the StudentUniverse team in 2002, and has held positions in many departments over the years. He loves sports, Las Vegas, relaxing vacations where there is possibility for some culture (hates Cancun, but loves Costa Rica) and spending time with his 2 young daughters.


Software Engineer, Software Development

employee_alejandro_moncayo: Software Engineer, Software Development

Alejandro is the guy that makes sure things actually work. At StudentUniverse, we like to move fast, but we always need to make sure our site and services work. Alejandro leads the Quality Assurance process. Señor Moncayo became the national Judo champion of Colombia when he was in high school, then discovered rum and beer. Alejandro got his associate's degree from BHCC.


Director, Business Intelligence

employee_amy_lidstone: Director, Business Intelligence

Amy joined StudentUniverse in 2004, and prior to her current role as data junkie, she lead the development, customer service, product sourcing and product management teams. So, she knows what's happening all over StudentUniverse. She is the only one at StudentUniverse with 'intelligence' on her business card - she spends hours figuring out how to get what students want to students when they want it. Amy got her B.A. at Dartmouth College and her masters degree at University of Michigan. Her degree at Michigan was Master of Information - something her mom liked to mention during all conversation pauses.


Software Engineer, Software Development

: Software Engineer, Software Development

Anton received a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Business from Northeastern University. He's worked in the financial industry in Boston and NY as well as a tech start-up in San Francisco and London. Anton is an entrepreneurship enthusiast and in 2012 started a company to help college students exchange textbooks. Originally from the Ukraine, travel is in his DNA and he's joined a company that specializes in just that. When he's not slinging code he enjoys being outdoors and playing a variety of sports.


Director, Customer Care


Antonio heads up the team that helps our customers. He developed the “travel bug” when he worked for Malaysia Airlines in the Philippines and traveled around Asia for almost three years before migrating to the United States. During these years, he saw some remote places in Sabah and Sarawak, Thailand, but also visited cosmopolitan cities such as Singapore and Tokyo. Antonio has been in the student travel business for more than twenty years before joining StudentUniverse in 2007. Antonio enjoys going to the beach, cooking, shopping, and of course, traveling when he has the time. He graduated from Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines.


Manager, Online Marketing

:  Manager, Online Marketing

Christen grew up just north of Boston and graduated from Bentley University. After graduating, she took a brief hiatus from the northeast winters and moved to Florida until taking on her position as Online Marketing Manager at StudentUniverse. In her free time, she can be found teaching figure skating, practicing her Disney trivia or drinking wine while reading a good book. Christen has been an avid traveler since age 3 when she would tell her grandmother she needed a vacation. Since then she has experienced living in Italy, backpacking Europe, para-sailing in the Caribbean, glacier hiking in Iceland and numerous other worldly adventures. Her goal is to visit every continent....and play with a penguin.


Sales Agent, Group Sales

employee_crista_cannata: Sales Agent, Group Sales

Crista joined StudentUniverse in July 2004 and graduated from Lasell College, located in Newton, MA, with a B.S. in Hospitality Management. Crista worked in the Customer Care department before moving to Groups. She loves Boston sports, especially the Boston Red Sox, and vacations in the sun.


Lead Architect / Development Manager

employee_dale_wiggins: Lead Architect / Development Manager

Originally an architecture major at UMiami, Dale shifted to Computer Science at UMass Dartmouth. He started his career as a web designer, but quickly transitioned to web development, and joined StudentUniverse in 2001. He was the chief developer responsible for the main web site for many years. Currently, he is engaged in designing new applications for StudentUniverse. Dale’s proudest moment at StudentUniverse was leading its dodgeball team to victory in 2004. When he's not writing beautiful code Dale likes to play volleyball and, of course, travel.


Quality Assurance Engineer

: Quality Assurance Engineer

Dana came to StudentUniverse in 2012 with 17 years experience in Information Technology. He joined our QA team where he now gets to break things instead of fixing them. Unlike many of his coworkers, Dana lived his entire life in the Boston area where he graduated from UMass in 1996. When he's not working, he enjoys a sedentary lifestyle filled with TV, movies, music and unhealthy food.


Director, Group Sales

employee_eric_howard: Director, Group Sales

Eric has worked in the student travel business for a decade (makes him sound older than he really is). He graduated with a B.S. in Hospitality Management from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in 2000. Back in those ye olde days, plane tickets could be handwritten on paper, and the internet was still ‘new’. Since then, he’s been hopping from one continent to the next, while helping others do the same. He only recommends bringing a toothbrush, comfy shoes, and a good camera when travelling. He’s not sure why you’re reading this, so go back to planning your next trip.


Analyst, Website Operations

employee_erin_crooks: Analyst, Website Operations

Erin graduated from from Mount Holyoke College in 1997 with a B.S. in Anthropology. After college, she pulled pints in London and traveled around Ireland before returning home to Boston to get a "real" job. She worked on Martha's Vineyard for a couple of years from 1998-2000 at the local historical society and drove cabs around the island. In 2001, she moved to Scotland for a year with her husband and came back to Boston in 2002, which was when she started working for StudentUniverse. As part of the Website Operations team, Erin tests the website functionality to ensure customers have a positive experience. Outside of the office, Erin is an avid hiker and runner, having completed the Marine Corp Marathon in 2003 and London Marathon in 2004.


Director, Partner Development

: Director, Partner Development

Evan joined StudentUniverse in 2011 and works on the Business Development team. With a background in student deals at the student discount site Edhance, and some time in the daily deals space, he's all about finding students new ways to save. Evan works on a variety of projects at StudentUniverse including the Hotels product, Tourism Board relations, Travel Services partnerships, Advertising and anything up and coming that requires a business development touch. As a self proclaimed road-warrior, outside the office you're most likely to find Evan on a plane either traveling for business or exploring the world on his own.


Senior Software Engineer, Software Development

employee_francis_schurgot: Senior Software Engineer, Software Development

Francis started at StudentUniverse in 2002. He has had his hands in nearly every area of the website, but you probably don't care too much about that. What you care about is that he's the founder of the company rock band The DevWikis, the company dodgeball team The Whirlin' Gherkins, and is the director of the company holiday movies. His hair is the stuff of legend and is uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person.


Manager, Hotel Operations


Hannah is part of the hotel team and manages operations. She grew up attending Petersfield School in the beautiful rolling countryside of Hampshire, England. Later, she studied business and fashion design at Chichester Arts and Technology College. Her first proper job was working in HR for a charity, which she really enjoyed, but as the Brit puts it: “I hankered for sunnier climates!”. So after college, she travelled and worked in Portugal. Loving the country and people, she decided to make the official move from the UK to Portugal and has never looked back.


Operations Manager, Groups Sales

employee_heather_welch: Operations Manager, Groups Sales

Heather joined StudentUniverse in May of 2002. She develops and manages relationships between airlines and StudentUniverse for domestic and international group travel. Prior to StudentUniverse, Heather pursued a degree at Berklee College of Music. A voice principle, studying music business. After college, she was finding herself wanting to travel the world for inspiration to her music and landed a travel agent position at Council Travel. Heather enjoys traveling the world, meeting new people and finding inspiration not only for her music, but for interior design as well.


Paid Search Marketing Manager


Henry earned his Bachelor's at the University of Massachusetts Isenberg School of Management in 2010. After graduating, he moved to Boston and jumped right into the world of internet marketing with a focus on paid search. In spring of 2014 he joined the StudentUniverse team to head paid search marketing initiatives. In his spare time, Henry indulges in the Boston's live music and makes frequent weekend trips up along the East Coast.


Database Analyst, Website Operations

employee_jason_gan: Database Analyst, Website Operations

Jason joined StudentUniverse in 2007, and he is one of the guys that makes our cheap student airfares appear on the webite. When he is not in work-mode he is an avid video gamer. Jason received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts.


Software Engineer, Software Development

employee_jeff_medeiros: Software Engineer, Software Development

Jeff has been a Software Engineer at StudentUniverse since 2000. He is an avid golfer and lover of all things beef and bacon (washed down with a nice glass of box wine). He is also the reigning SU hamburger eating champ, devouring 7 half pound burgers. His favorite travel destination is the beautiful island of Aruba, where the weather, beaches, and golf are always perfect. (Jeff also wonders why his head barely fits in this picture)


Director, Marketing

: Director, Marketing

Jessica was born and raised in Upstate New York, later moving out to Boston after graduating from Bentley University. Although she's an avid New York sports lover, she fell in love with the city of Boston. At StudentUniverse, Jessica manages email marketing, social media, public relations, website content, and other online and offline marketing initiatives. Growing up in the fast-paced, always-connected digital age, she enjoys the ever-changing, always-evolving nature of online marketing. When she's not at work, you can find her at the beach, playing golf, running, reading or planning her next vacation.


Sales Agent, Group Sales

employee_kathlina_teague: Sales Agent, Group Sales

Kathlina grew up in New Hampshire where she also attended and graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a B.S. in Marketing. She first got into the aviation industry when she started working at the Manchester Airport for Northwest. That soon led to working with Delta and United. Throughout high school and college she was constantly taking class trips and traveling around the world. In addition to traveling, some of her other interests are cooking, yoga and she is a huge animal lover.


Junior Developer, Software Development

: Junior Developer, Software Development

Kim used StudentUniverse to get cheap flights as a student at Florida State University. Like Peter, she also created her first website at the age of 11. Now she is our newest developer. She enjoys learning new languages (human and computer programming). She has been working on enabling our code to take on translations such as Chinese and Spanish.


Assistant Manager, Website Operations

employee_laura_omara: Assistant Manager, Website Operations

Laura grew up in Ithaca, NY and also attended Ithaca College where she met her husband and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History. After spending 21 years in Ithaca, she decided to move to Boston. Shortly after, Laura joined StudentUniverse in 2004 and started off in Customer Care. She then moved over to Website Operations in 2009, where she currently does QA. She’s one of the people who makes sure the products on the site show up correctly and helps make sure the site itself is running smoothly. Laura has lived abroad twice, both times in Germany. She lived in Munich when she was 10 and Dresden when she was 18. During this time she got to travel extensively throughout Europe and also got the chance to see her favorite rock bands, Pearl Jam and U2, for the first time. When not working, Laura enjoys playing violin, reading, playing with her 2 kids and traveling.


Manager, Human Resources

employee_liezel_partosan: Manager, Human Resources

Liezel oversees the life cycle of our employees as well as recruiting, performance, payroll, benefits, & employee relations support & resolution. She ensures we are in compliance with laws & regulations affecting our employees and the workplace. Liezel started with StudentUniverse 11 years ago as a temp, entering cash receipts. When the Director of HR left in 2001, she picked up from there with limited experience and just ran with it. Personal life? Hmm…she has a family the size of a basketball team on court, whom she loves going home to.


Assistant, Accounting


Maria grew up in Boston and attended the Boston Latin High school but moved to Cuenca, Ecuador for 3 years where she finished high school. She has been in the travel industry since 1997. She started at StudentUniverse as a travel consultant, moved on to do Accounts Receivable and now handles all Accounting duties. When not at work, she enjoys her time with 3 daughters and a new puppy - causing sleepless nights. She would one day like to move back to Ecuador to live. Maria loves to travel, as well. Her favorite place other than Ecuador is Paris, France.


Director, Website Operations

employee_matt_molloy: Director, Website Operations

Matt heads up Website Operations handling overall project planning, build execution and management, process control and pricing strategies. After college and some time abroad in Aix en Provence, France, Matt moved to Boston and started working in the airline industry, specifically in student travel. Prior to joining StudentUniverse in 2002, Matt worked for Council Travel at 3 different local university shops focusing on retail sales, e-commerce and international support. Matt received a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and certification in Spanish and International Relations at Saint Anselm College. His love for language forces him to learn more - taking on studies of Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese.


Web Graphic Designer, Software Development

employee_matthew_moring: Web Graphic Designer, Software Development

Matt's the guy you can blame if something looks odd on our new website. He graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in Studio Art. Luckily, Al Gore invented the internet so Matt could get a web design job upon graduation (or else he'd be painting). Matt's done illustration work for publishers such as Pearson and comic book companies Marvel, DC and Disney. When he's not working, he's probably working on something else.


Group Sales Agent

: Group Sales Agent

Michelle was thrilled to join the StudentUniverse team in 2013. She brings nearly 30 years of travel industry experience to her role as a Group Sales Agent. Michelle’s previous positions in the industry included creating individual and group tours with Milne Travel American Express in Vermont and most recently as an Event Coordinator for the American Program Bureau where she arranged all the travel logistics for celebrities, musicians and authors to engagements throughout the world. Michelle grew up in Duxbury, MA and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Colby Sawyer College. An avid Boston sports fan, when Michelle is not helping to create lifelong memories for our group travelers you may find her catching a game at Fenway, the Garden or Gillette. She also enjoys traveling (cruising is her favorite mode of transportation) and has been to many destinations around the world.


Quality Assurance Engineer


Oscar is a cute balding Colombian born in Medellin. He finished his secondary education in Boston. He currently travels and has fun in Asia. Oscar found it amusing that he was once told in an airport in Thailand that he is being refused entry since Colombia is not a VALID country. Now married to a crazy filipina, who is pregnant with their 2nd child, as he writes this. And yes, they also have a dog.


Vice President, Marketing

employee_paul_jacobs: Vice President, Marketing

Paul joined StudentUniverse in 2008 to develop new business partnerships and opportunities. He graduated with honors from Bentley University majoring in Business Management with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. At StudentUniverse, Paul works to continue the growth of our business and the strategic partners that we work and collaborate with. Paul caught the travel bug back in college while studying abroad in Italy and continues to take every opportunity to explore new places.


Junior Developer, Software Development

employee_peter_labanca: Junior Developer, Software Development

Having made his first website at the age of 11, Peter has always been fascinated with technology. Born, raised, and currently residing in Rhode Island, he makes the 45 minute commute to work every day, helping make our website what it is today (and more importantly tomorrow). He is currently studying Computer Science and Information Processing at the Community College of Rhode Island. Outside of the StudentUniverse world, Peter enjoys sports, his favorite sport being American Football, doing freelance programming, and playing cards. If not a computer programmer, he would have liked to become a professional poker player. His dream vacation spots are Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Japan, but would love to travel the world. He is hoping that working at StudentUniverse may one day help him accomplish that.


Vice President, Airline Product

employee_renaud_cyr: Vice President, Airline Product

Renaud is in charge of making sure students can fly for less. He grew up in Maine where he attended the University of Maine before heading to Kissimmee,FL, where he graduated from the now non-existent Southeastern Academy. Attracted to the lights of the big city, he moved to The Big Apple where he had accepted a job with Trans World Airlines (TWA) looking for that opportunity to “see the world for free”. After 12 years in The Big Apple, he headed to the quieter, slower paced Midwest where he worked 11 years for Northwest Airlines (NWA). Having now worked for a total of 30+ years in the travel industry, making him one of the two “grand dads of travel” at StudentUniverse.


Lead Software Architect, Software Development

employee rick_labanca: Lead Software Architect, Software Development

Rick has been coding for more than thirty years. When he’s not watching Star Trek, he is involved in everything architectural from the infrastructure to the application front and back end of the website. Before joining StudentUniverse, he worked at Netzero with linguistic content analysis (for ad targeting) and searching, content management authoring software at EBT and search engine technology way back at Silverplatter. Before that, it would look like stones and knives.


Desktop Support Technician, Systems

employee_ruskin_pena: Desktop Support Technician, Systems

Ruskin is the go-to-guy when StudentUniverse employees have technical issues. He is responsible for providing the support that keeps all of our systems up and running smoothly. He is of Dominican decent which was born in Jersey but raised in Roxbury, MA. He is a die hard Boston Red Sox fan who likes fast cars and traveling. In 2007, 2 years after graduating high school, Ruskin received his associates degree in applied science - computer networking systems. He worked with Siemens IT solutions as a contractor performing technical support at the headquarters until summer of 2010 when he was offered a position at StudentUniverse by our Systems engineer.


Marketing Associate


Saadet was born in Istanbul, Turkey and moved to Northern Virginia when she was five years old. She worked with her tight-knit family at her father’s business throughout her teen years and adolescence. She later decided to move to the lovely city of Boston, where she completed her Bachelor’s in International Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She joined StudentUniverse in 2014 as a Marketing Associate, where she assists in online and offline marketing initiatives. Saadet enjoys dancing, going to concerts, and sitting down for exotic meals overlooking beautiful scenery. Her biggest passions are travel, and learning/experiencing new cultures.


Junior Web Graphic Designer, Software Development

employee_shimin_chin: Junior Web Graphic Designer, Software Development

Shi-Min joined StudentUniverse as the Jr. Graphic Designer in January 2012 having just graduated with an MA in Graphic Design from the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University a month earlier. She also has a background in Communications/Advertising and combines the two specialties to turn concepts and ideas into coherent pieces of visual communication. She spent most of her life country-hopping as a third culture kid before settling in Boston for college. Shi-Min loves traveling, experiencing new cultures, being outside, having adventures and hates sitting still (which sometimes makes her wonder why she got into anything computer-based). She spends her free time running around, eating cupcakes, and playing Ultimate Frisbee.


Director, Airline Product

employee_tina_dubreuil: Director, Airline Product

Tina is part of the Airline Product team at StudentUniverse. She is responsible for negotiating fares and fare rules with our airline partners. Tina grew up in New Hampshire and went to college at the University of New Hampshire. She studied one semester of her junior year in London (Regent's College), after which she decided she wanted to keep traveling. After graduating from college she decided to move to the "big" city of Boston. Since then, she has been with StudentUniverse since 2001 and has moved apartments seven times.


Associate, Marketing

: Associate, Marketing

Yi grew up in Sichuan, China which is well known around the world as heaven for foodies. She took her BA of Advertising in her home country and received MA degree in Public Relations from Michigan State University. She joined StudentUniverse as a Marketing Associate in January 2013, handling Marketing and Business Development for Chinese-speaking markets. Yi is an enthusiast of cross-cultural studies and enjoys cooking in her spare time.